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David M. Rainer

David Michael Rainer | Hero Image

About Me

Hey there, I'm David – web developer by day, gym rat by night, and motorcycle and bike enthusiast whenever I can sneak in some free time.

I wrote my Bachelor Thesis about recommender systems with Large Language Models at the University of Technology in Graz, Austria. When I'm not working or exploring new technologies, you'll usually find me at the gym, pushing myself to lift heavier weights or perfect my calisthenics techniques. I also love to ride motorcycles and bikes, and try to hit the road whenever the weather cooperates. It's the perfect way to clear my head and get some fresh air.

Development Stack

I have experience with a wide range of technologies, including:

Work Experience

I previously worked for various design agencies, gaining valuable experience in creating innovative and visually appealing websites. Currently, I am a freelance web developer specializing in projects for design agencies, helping them bring their creative visions to life.

Interests and Hobbies

In my free time, I love to stay active and fit. I am a big fan of weightlifting and calisthenics, which allow me to challenge myself both mentally and physically. I also enjoy coding as a hobby, particularly web development, which allows me to explore my creative side and build projects that can have a real impact on people's lives. When I'm not coding, I like to kick back with a good book or catch up on the latest tech news.